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ACWA JPIA Commitment to Excellence Program

In October 2013, ACWA/JPIA initiated its Commitment to Excellence Program outreach. This will be a long-term effort to help JPIA’s membership reduce the frequency and severity of liability, workers’ compensation, and property losses.

Since the most frequent and costly losses come from vehicle, infrastructure, construction, employment practices, ergonomic, and fall claims, the JPIA’s focus is on encouraging and assisting its members to implement programs and practices that can prevent these types of claims.

The support of member decision-makers (Board Members, General Managers, etc) in influencing the loss reduction activities and practices of their unique organizations is absolutely essential. Each district’s General Manager and President of the Board of Directors (and other members of the Board if they desire) will be asked to demonstrate their on-going support by signing an "ACWA JPIA Commitment to Excellence" agreement. Organizations agreeing to sign the agreement will be recognized as follows:

  • The organization will receive an ACWA JPIA Commitment to Excellence and a certificate frame for display purposes.
  • Beginning in 2014, the organization’s attendees at ACWA JPIA Conferences will have a special ribbon added to their name tag indicating their district’s commitment.
  • Participation in the ACWA JPIA Commitment to Excellence will be highlighted in future Perspective articles and emphasized in Executive Committee Meetings and future JPIA Conferences.

ACWA JPIA Commitment to Excellence Best Practices have been developed for each loss reduction category. Included are loss reduction focus elements, "best practices menus", and explanations for each menu item. Best Practices are reviewed with member districts during risk assessment visits and discussed in the JPIA Risk Control Bulletin. JPIA members can select from the menu the best practices they wish to add to, or enhance, their existing loss reduction programs. The JPIA provides resources to help members implement the best practices.

Loss Reduction Focus Menus and Explanations

JPIA Training That Supports Specific Claim Reductions

Opportunity Review - Part A (Member to Complete and Return to JPIA)

Opportunity Review – Part B (For Member’s Internal Use)

Best Practices Resources

Infrastructure failures account for approximately 40 percent of all claims filed with ACWA JPIA. At approximately $3-4 million per year, it accounts for 57 percent of all claims paid out. To address these losses, the ACWA JPIA has selected water professionals from their members, representing all aspects of the water industry and regions of California, to participate in a Best Practices Focus Group. The Best Practices Focus Group was developed to assist the ACWA JPIA with understanding successful methods used by the water industry, to reduce third party claims, reduce losses, and improve system integrity and customer service. The Best Practices Focus Group was divided into four subgroups.

Commitment To Excellence 
Canal Systems Monitoring & Maintenance  
Wastewater Operations & Spill Control 
Water Operations & Maintenance 
Electrical Distribution Systems Maintenance 

These subgroups developed Standard Operating Guidelines (SOG), to assist current and future member agencies in the development of comprehensive and organizational standard operating procedures. These procedures will assist with asset identification, record keeping, and the development of preventive maintenance programs, to reduce third party claims risk and improve customer service.

If members wish to add or make changes to anything listed on the Best Practices web pages, please contact Terry Lofing, Risk Management Department, at or (800) 231-5742, extension 3126.

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