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Risk Control Bulletin

The Risk Control Bulletin is produced monthly for the JPIA's members. It communicates safety information and tips that can be used as the subject of safety meetings by the districts. For issues prior to the following dates, please send an e-mail to the JPIA or call (800) 231-5742.

November 2017

Defensive Driving: Falling Back to Standard Time

October 2017


September 2017

Personal Protective Equipment

August 2017

Changes in the One Call Underground Service Alert (USA) Law.

July 2017

Heat Illness Prevention: Water. Rest. Shade.

June 2017

Sleep and Impairment

May 2017

Now Hear this!

April 2017

New Regulations for Silica. Do you cut, drill, grind, or jackhammer concrete?

March 2017

Confined Space Entry

February 2017

The 2016 OSHA Top 10

January 2017

Water Districts and Drones – What Water Districts Need to Know About Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAVS)

December 2016

Infrared Testing

November 2016

ICE Technology Aims to Keep You Safe

October 2016

Computer Security "Best Practices"

September 2016

Accident Results in Visit from Cal/OSHA

August 2016

First Aid Kits

July 2016

Heat Illness Prevention

June 2016

Test Before You Touch

May 2016

Understanding the Final GHS Deadline – June 1, 2016

April 2016

Take Another Look at Injury Prevention

March 2016

Commitment to Excellence – UPDATE

February 2016

Heavy Rains and Floods

January 2016

The Economics of Ergonomics

December 2015

El Nino Is Coming. Are You Prepared?

November 2015

Questions for Managing Third-Party Risk

October 2015

Recreational Events and Special Activities – What a Member Needs to Know

September 2015

Emergency Readiness is a Shared Responsibility

August 2015

Technology Supplementing Good Defensive Driving Techniques

July 2015

Canal Safety Warning Signs

June 2015

Revised Confined Space Entry (Construction) Regulation

May 2015

Changes to NFPA 70E – 2015 Edition

April 2015

Commitment to Excellence (C2E) Vehicle Loss Reduction

March 2015

Fourteen Members Demonstrate Support for the JPIA’s Commitment to Excellence Program

February 2015

Flu Prevention in the Workplace

January 2015

A Supervisor’s Guide to Managing Ill and Injured Employees in the Workplace

December 2014

Lone Worker Safety

November 2014

Electricity Shocking Your Body

October 2014

How Well Has Your Agency Developed Its Contractor Qualification Program?

September 2014

Best Practices for Motor Vehicles

August 2014

Promoting Wellness at Work

July 2014

Water Safety

June 2014

National Safety Stand-Down for Fall Prevention

May 2014

Commitment to Excellence – Loss Reduction Put Into Practice

April 2014

Valley Fever – A Risk to Avoid

March 2014

Working Safely with Pesticides

February 2014

It’s Time to Revisit Return-to-Work Programs

January 2014

Welding and Cutting Operations – Hot Work Permits

December 2013

Office and Shop/Warehouse Hazards

November 2013

Update on Globally Harmonized System (GHS) of Classification and Labeling of Chemicals

October 2013

Commitment to Excellence

September 2013

Sewage Treatment Plant Overhauled After Notice of Violation

August 2013

Fall Protection

July 2013

Basics of Electrical Safety

June 2013

A Backing Policy – Think About It

May 2013

H.R. LaBounty Safety Awards, An Award For Some – A Gift For All

April 2013

Cell Phones and Other Driving Distractions

March 2013

Calleguas Municipal Water District Emergency Pipe Procurement and Storage

February 2013

Lockout/Tagout: Controlling Hazarous Energy Sources

January 2013

Innovators at ACWA/JPIA Member Agencies Honored

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