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Human Resources

The JPIA offers its members guidance and assistance with human resource matters. This assistance comes in many forms from training sessions, HR Group meetings, sample documents and policies, to a complete job description manual. In addition, those members in JPIA’s Liability Program can receive assistance with their employee handbook through a review process.


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Word Version   Analyzing Performance Matrix

Background Checks
Employee Relations, Inc.
330 N. Brand Boulevard, Suite 180, Glendale, CA 91203
(800) 716-7773 (Ask for consortium rates.)

Brain Drain:

- Capturing Knowledge

- Critical Task Grid

- Information Sharing

- Workforce Planning Toolkit

Bring Your Own Device Policy

Word Version   Clinic Evaluation

Word Version   Consent to Release Information

Word Version   Emergency Contact with Medical Form

Word Version   Emergency Threatening Phone Call Form

Employee Handbook (revised January 2019)

Employee Handbook Policies Checklist

Word Version   Employment Ads - Watch Your Language

Word Version   Employment Application

Word Version    Employment Offer Letter - Sample

Word Version   Employment Practices Checklist


Word Version   Exit Interviews


Word Version   Application (revised October 2015)

Word Version   Approval Leave Letter (revised 7/23/10)

Word Version   Attending Physician's Return-to-Work Recommendations Record

Word Version   Authorization for Release of Medical Information (revised 7/23/10)

Word Version   Bonding Care Letter

Medical Certification

Word Version   Checklist (revised October 2015)

Word Version   Denial Letter

Word Version   Doctor Instructions

Word Version   Family Member Letter

Word Version   Notification Letter (revised 7/23/10)

Word Version   Return-to-Work Form

Word Version   Workers' Compensation Leave (revised 7/23/10)

Word Version   The Four Building Blocks of Discipline

Word Version   Incident Log

Independent Contractor Determination Form

Word Version   Initial Evaluation Period Objectives

Word Version   Interactive Policy

Job Accommodation Network - This is free service that provides information on job accommodation and employment provisions.

Job Descriptions Manual

Legal Opinions

AB60 - 8-Hour Day vs. 40-Hour Week (2000)

At-Will Employment (1998)

At-Will Employment Article (1998)

FMLA Applicability (2013)

Cash-in-lieu of Benefits for Directors (2014)

Gifts of Public Funds (2001)

Pre-Employment Drug Screen (Lanier 2008)

Pre-Employment Drug Tests After Lanier v. City of Woodburn (9th Cir. 2008) 518 F.3d 1147

Public Agencies Exempt Article

Wage Order No. 14 (2001)

Word Version   Medical Clinic Questions

Occu-Med - provided for JPIA Workers' Comp Program Members Only
Contact: Jared Kaji
(559) 435-2800, ext. 222 or Toll Free: (877) 762-2863

Occu-Med Contact Information

Occu-Med Quick Reference Guide

Occu-Med Step-by-Step Guide

Occu-Med Respirator Questionnaire

Medical Exam Requisition Form

Medical Exam Requisition Form

Onboarding Conversation Starters

Onboarding New Employee Department Checklist

Word Version   Onboarding Checklist

Onboarding New Employee Forms Checklist

Onboarding New Employee Scavenger Hunt

Onboarding Peer Partner Guide

Word Version   Performance Appraisal

Word Version   Performance Appraisal - Midterm

Word Version   Performance Appraisal (Management)

Word Version   Performance Appraisal (Management) - Midterm

Word Version   Performance Appraisal (Organizational / CEO or General Manager)

Word Version   Personnel File Organization (revised May 2010)

Word Version   Personnel Records Request


Word Version   Position Description Questionnaire (PDQ)

Word Version   Preparing for Your Evaluation

Word Version   Return To Work - Transitional Duty Assignment - (Revised 10/4/13)

Return to Work Program(see the Policies Page)

Return to Work Program (from the JPIA's Risk Control Manual)

Word Version   Records Retention Policy

Word Version   Reference Check Questions

Word Version   Sexual Harassment Complaint and Managers Forms

Word Version   Sexual Harassment Investigation Guidelines

Word Version   Sexual Harassment Policy

Word Version   Discrimination/Sexual Harassment Policy/Manager's Responsibilities/Investigation

Sick Leave Law - FAQ on California's New Paid Sick Leave law (AB 1522)

Temporary Employees

Word Version   Emergency Information With Medical

Word Version   Temporary Employee Checklist (Non-Agency)

Word Version   Temporary Employee Checklist (from Temp Agency)

Word Version   Temporary Employee Safety Scavenger Hunt

Word Version   Temporary Employment Letter - Sample

Word Version   Termination Checklist

Word Version   Termination Sample Letter

Word Version   Workplace Violence Policy

Word Version   Written Warning Guidelines

Word Version   Written Warning Letter (Sample)

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