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Listed below are model policies on various topics provided by the JPIA for its members. Feel free to incorporate their use at your district, make changes to coincide with your district's policy, or use them for discussion items amongst your management team.

These documents are intended to help members consider various issues associated with workplace practices. The JPIA is not engaged in rendering legal advice or professional legal services. Anyone who creates company policy with (or without) the use of this document should consult a qualified attorney before relying on it. The law is rapidly changing and may vary from jurisdiction to jurisdiction.

Anti-Fraud Policy - (June 2008)

Cellular Phone Policy - (December 2016)

Discrimination/Sexual Harassment Policy & Complaint Procedures - (May 2013)

Drug & Alcohol Policy - (May 2, 2011)

Electronic Communications and Social Networking - (May 2013)

Firearms, Suggested Guidelines for Use - (July 2000)

Fitness For Duty & Return To Work Evaluations - (August 2008)

Guard Dog Policy - (February 2007)

Heat Illness Prevention Program - (May 2011)

Identity Theft Prevention Policy - Provided by Merced Irrigation District - (November 2008)

Injury/Illness Prevention Program General Statement of Safety Policy - (July 2003)

Interactive Policy - (April 2013)

Off Duty Conduct - (August 2009)

Powers of Arrest & Issuance of Citations, Suggested Guidelines for Use - (February 2000)

Records Retention Policy - (June 2005)

Recreation/Special Events Policy - (February 2000)

Request for Reasonable Accommodation Policy - (April 2013)

Return to Work Program - (Revised 7/23/10)

Word Version   FLMA-CFRA Checklist - (Revised 7/23/10)

Word Version   Authorization for Release of Medical Information - (Revised 7/23/10)

Word Version   Employee's Acknowledgement of Return to Work Program - (Revised 7/23/10)

Word Version   FLMA-CFRA Approval Letter - (Revised 7/23/10)

Word Version   FLMA-CFRA Application Form - (Revised 7/23/10)

Word Version   FLMA-CFRA Conditional Leave Form - (Revised 7/23/10)

Word Version   FLMA-CFRA During Workers' Compensation Leave Form - (Revised 7/23/10)

Word Version   FLMA-CFRA Medical Certification - (Revised 7/23/10)

Word Version   Letter to Medical Provider Regarding Return to Work Program - (Revised 7/23/10)

Word Version   Physician's Report-Employee Work Status - (Revised 7/23/10)

Word Version   Transitional Duty Assignment - (Revised 10/4/13)

Social Media Policy - (August 2009)

Trespassers on District Property Guideline - (February 2000)

Vehicle Backing Policy - (February 2007)

Workplace Violence Policy - (September 2016)

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