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Ripples from JPIA

The Ripples from JPIA newsletter is produced bi-monthly for the JPIA's members. It is an employee training and development newsletter. This publication focuses on all the aspects of employee development. For issues prior to the following dates, please send an e-mail to the JPIA Web Master or call (800) 231-5742.

September 2012

Your District's Got Talent

May 2012

Become a Complete Manager with Help From the JPIA

January 2012

Our Cup Overflows With Support For You

November 2011

Can You Remember When?

September 2011

Do You Tailgate? You Should!

July 2011

Staying Above Water

May 2011

Tap the Treasure Trove of Knowledge

March 2011

Are You on Board or Left at the Station?

January 2011

Be SMART with New Year's Resolutions

November 2010

Another Training Benefit for JPIA Members

September 2010

Professional Development Program (PDP)

July 2010

Can Multitasking Be Harmful?

May 2010

Don't Exercise - Learn Something New Instead

March 2010

Webinars Applauded Up and Down the State

January 2010

Celebrate 2010 with Our New Training Newsletter

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