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Risk Control Manual


Table of Contents (Revised 10/27/16)

Section 1 - Injury/Illness Prevention Program (IIPP)

Injury/Illness Prevention Program - Part 1  (Revised 1/20/2011)

Injury/Illness Prevention Program - Part 2  (Revised August 2006)

Injury/Illness Prevention Program - Part 3  (Revised 5/2/2011)

Section 2 - Cal/OSHA DOSH 8 CCR 3203

Cal/OSHA Compliance, Policies and Procedures Manual (Enforcement of 8 CCR Section 3203: Injury/Illness Prevention Program) (Revised 6/1/2013)

Section 3 - Code of Safe Practices

Safe Practices and Operating Procedures  (Revised 6/1/2013)

Section 4 - Model Programs

1. Accident Investigation & Investigation Form

Accident Investigation & Investigation Form (Revised 5/2/2011)

2. Confined Space

CSE  (Revised 1/24/2011)

Flow Chart (Revised 1/24/2011)

Hot Work Permit (Revised 3/12/2008)

Employee Training Record (Revised 12/16/1999)

Rescue Training Vendors (Revised 6/1/2013)

Confined Space Entry Assignment and Authorization (Revised 10/24/2007)

Confined Space Entry Permit (Revised 1/24/2011)

3. Drug &Alcohol

Model Drug & Alcohol Policy  (Revised 5/2/2011)

4. Emergency Plan

Emergency Action Plan Guidelines (Revised 2/15/2000)

5. Fire Plan

Fire Prevention Plan  (Revised 6/1/2013)

Urban Wildland Fire Coordination Plan for Water Utilities and Fire Departments  (Revised 1/20/2011)

6. Hazard

Hazard Communication Program (Revised 9/11/2015)

Hazard Communication Plan - Employee Training Record (Revised 6/1/2013)

7. Hearing Plan

Hearing Conservation Program (Revised 8/24/2008)

8. Job Hazards

Job Hazard Analysis (Revised 1/19/2010)

9. Lock / Block

Lockout / Blockout Procedure (Revised 4/1/2009)

10. Recreation

JPIA Recreation / Special Event Policy   (Revised 1/19/2010)

11. Respiratory Protection

Customizable Respiratory Protection Program   (Revised 6/1/2013)

Employee Respirator Assignment (Revised 10/24/2007)

Monthly Maintenance Checklist for SCBA (Revised 10/24/2007)

Preventing Work-Related Valley Fever (Coccidiodomycosis) (Revised 4/6/2016)

Voluntary Respirator Use Form (Revised 10/24/2007)

Voluntary Use of Dust/Mist Respirator (Revised 10/24/2007)

Assigned Protection Factors (Revised 6/1/2013)

12. Welding & Cutting Safety

Welding & Cutting Safety Procedure (Revised 6/1/2013)

13. Heat Illness Prevention

Heat Illness Prevention Program (Revised 6/28/16)

DOSH Heat Illness Prevention Q&A  (Revised 4-15-15)

Lone/Remote Worker SOP Template  (Revised 6-1-15)

Heat Stress/Illness Prevention Checklist (Revised 6-1-15)

Section 5 - Fleet Safety Program

Automobile Self Inspection Report (Revised 6/1/2013)

Cellular Phone Safety (Revised December 2016)

CHP Bit Program  (Revised 6/1/2013)

Defensive Driver Training (Revised 6/25/2008)

Driver Record Review (Revised 6/1/2013)

Driver Road Test Examination (Revised 6/1/2013)

Driver Selection  (Revised 2/7/2000)

Driver's Report of Accident (Revised 10/1/2006)

DOT Driver's Vehicle Inspection Report (Revised 2/8/2000)

Vehicle Inspection Report (Revised 1/12/2000)

Maintenance (Revised 1/12/2000)

Semi-Annual Vehicle Inspection Report (Revised 2/8/2000)

Supervisor's Report of Incident / Accident  (Revised 1/12/2000)

Vehicle Accident Reporting (Revised 2/8/2000)

Vehicle Accident Reporting Kits (Revised 2/8/2000)

Vehicle / Equipment Inspections (Revised 1/12/2000)

Vehicle Repair / Maintenance Order (Revised 1/12/2000)

Vehicle Backing Policy (Revised 6/1/2013)

Section 6 - Risk Transfer

JPIA Risk Transfer Tools (Revised 11/7/2017)

Section 7 - Special Plans, Policies and Guidelines

CAL/OSHA Inspection Procedures (Revised 6/1/2013)

Trespassers on District Property (Revised 6/1/2013)

Model Discrimination/Sexual Harassment Policy/Manager's Responsibilities/Investigation/ (Revised 6/1/2013)

Firearm Use (Revised 2/27/2014)

Powers of Arrest and Issuance of Citations (Revised 6/1/2013)

Return to Work Program(Revised October 2015)

Word Version   FLMA-CFRA Checklist (Revised October 2015)

Word Version   Authorization for Release of Medical Information (Revised 1/24/2011)

Word Version   Employee's Acknowledgement of Return to Work Program (Revised 1/24/2011)

Word Version   FLMA-CFRA Approval Letter(Revised 1/24/2011)

Word Version   FLMA-CFRA Application Form (Revised October 2015)

Word Version   FLMA-CFRA Conditional Leave Form (Revised 1/24/2011)

Word Version   FLMA-CFRA During Workers' Compensation Leave Form (Revised 1/24/2011)

Word Version   FLMA-CFRA Medical Certification (Revised 1/24/2011)

Word Version   Letter to Medical Provider Regarding Return to Work Program (Revised 1/24/2011)

Word Version   Physician's Report-Employee Work Status (Revised 1/24/2011)

Word Version   Transitional Duty Assignment (Revised 10/4/2013)

Guard Dog Policy (Revised 2/8/2007)

Cyber Security Awareness Training and Education Policy (Sample Policy) (Revised 10/27/16)

Section 8 - General Forms, Permits, Checklists

List of Forms (Revised 6/10/2015)

Lockout/Tagout "Authorized Person" Assignment (Revised10/24/2007)

Traffic Control Flagger Assignment and Authorization (Revised 10/24/2007)

Traffic Control Supervisor Assignment and Authorization (Revised 10/24/2007)

Trench & Excavation "Competent Person" Assignment (Revised 10/24/2007)

Underground Utility Locator Qualification and Assignment (Revised 10/24/2007)

A Guide to High-Value Physician Services in Workers' Compensation (Revised 10/29/2010)

Clinic Evaluation (Revised 8/16/2018)

Encroachment Permit Steel Plate Bridging Utility Provisions (Revised 1/20/2011)

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