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Risk Transfer Tools

The JPIA has historically provided guidance and best practices to its members regarding Risk Transfer. In an effort to streamline and update the materials, the following tools are a compilation of resources to continue in the tradition to provide recommendations many of our members have relied upon over the years. The purpose of this guide explains and provides guidance in developing proper indemnification and insurance provisions to be used to minimize unwanted financial exposures caused by liability assumed under contract.

Insurance pools and programs provide these model guidelines based on their experience and other resources and factors. It is intended as a reference point for our members. It is not meant to create or suggest absolute requirements. These are, in fact, guidelines. Flexibility and understanding must be tempered with good judgment in establishing provisions that are agreeable and attainable for those involved in the process, the district and the entity with which it is contracting.

These tools are designed to encourage Member Agencies to utilize written contracts with proper indemnification and insurance requirements. The suggested guidelines and information provided in these tools are not legal advice. The members of JPIA are encouraged to review the information with their legal counsel before finalizing any contract or agreement.

Recommended Insurance Requirements & Indemnification Clauses

Risk Transfer - The Basics

Risk Transfer - Deep Dive - Alliant Insurance Requirements in Contracts Manual

Checklist for Verification of Certificates & Endorsements

Sample Forms & Waivers

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