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JPIA's H.R. LaBounty Safety Award Program

This program is designed for all JPIA members as a way for them to promote safe workplace behavior and operations practices and reward those employees who demonstrate safe behavior, take part in recognizable proactive activities, or participate in risk-reducing actions. It gives members another way to foster a safety culture that reduces the potential for losses.

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Please read this PDF to get information about the process used to find descriptions of the award-winning ideas and actions related to specific operational and ergonomic topics.

Previous Award Winners:

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Winning Ideas - Spring 2019:

Merced ID Eric Couture, Risk Management Officer The district implemented a new safety incentive program that is based on leading indicators that incorporates the participation of all employees to take part in various safety related tasks and training.
Ramona MWD Jason Smith, Electrician/Water Operations Jason installed external controls on the outside of the electrical cabinet, along with a digital timer for pumping time control. This eliminates an arc flash exposure.
Walnut Valley WD Erik Hitchman, General Manager Installation of first aid and fire extinguisher decals on work trucks.

Winning Ideas - Spring 2018:

Kings River CD Hydro Division Staff Cables were attached to the wall near the valves to lock the valve from turning.
Kings River CD Hydro Division Staff Battery leads were covered with plexi-glass to prevent accidental contact. Can easily be removed for work.
Trabuco Canyon WD Phil Serpas Employees designed a vehicle with hydraulic valve turning equipment and mounted it on the front and rear bumpers. This eliminated manual valve exercising. They also have a Bluetooth tablet to control the vehicle mounted equipment, allowing one employee to operate the vehicle.
Ramona MWD Chris Ahlgren Chris replaced nylon straps with metal brackets on the water tank on top of the Skid Steer. The metal brackets hold the water tank firmly. The tank is now secure from falling.
Valley Center MWD Gaby Olson, Ryan Madson, Rick Beath Presented in-depth training on confined space permits and toured a new site with confined space.
Moulton Niguel WD Todd Novacek Todd requested that a water filling station be added in close proximity to their parked vehicles. This project involved running a new water line to the outside of the building, adding a support platform for the cooler, and painting the curb to allow for temporary parking while the cooler is being filled.
Sweetwater Authority B. Brown, A. Brugman, J. DePaz, T. Feathers, D. Gutierrez, D. Kvederis, A. Piha, J. Robinson Teflon plugs are used on meters to restrict water flow on customer's using water above the restriction guidelines. Meters do not have to be pulled to stop the flow of water. The old meter stays in place and later the Teflon plugs are easily removed.
Wheeler Ridge-Maricopa WSD Burton Rockewell A suction pump was attached on a trailer to drain oil instead of lifting a bucket. A pump was installed on the motors to eliminate pouring gas into the motor using a ladder. A trailer now carries two totes instead of 55 gallon drums.
Humboldt Bay MWD Maintenance Dept. The Maintenance Dept. purchased a Boscaro Lift Bucket to reduce the potential for ergonomic injuries.
Mesa WD Bob Mitchell A fall protection net was added by a hired vendor to span the opening of a 20 foot deep vault.
Merced ID Eric Couture The district hired RescueTech to revise their confined space program and develop rescue plans. The district purchased a confined space trailer and equipment needed for effective entry and rescue. Additional equipment is continually being purchased. Mock rescue training is performed with the consultant, and continues throughout this year and on an annual basis.
Merced ID Kirk Trombley The district purchased new portable lifting systems to lift and service vehicles. The new lifts mitigate mulculoskeletal injuries.
Merced ID "Skip" Sturtevant Controls were moved above ground for the lift stations. This means that employees no longer access controls by going 10 feet under ground into a confined space.
Central Coast WA Mark Swift Mark fabricated a shield for a pump to prevent chemicals from being sprayed in the area. The task was completed in-house due to the employee's welding skills with stainless steel. All pumps that did not have guards were outfitted to have this device.
Vista ID Chris Craighead A small opening was cut in the vault lid directly above the fall protection receiver. Then a hinged cover was placed to secure the opening and receiver when not in use. The Davit arm can be attached to the receiver and the employee tied off prior to the vault lid being opened.

Winning Ideas - Spring 2017:

El Dorado ID Bill Petterson Developed a digital process for lockout/tagout permits.
Crescenta Valley WD Bryan Jones Bryan used an engine hoist to remove a flow control valve from inside a well site.
Crescenta Valley WD Phil Serpas Bryan purchased a tool to move heavy road plates. The tool is magnetic and keeps the employees four feet clear of the plates.
Ramona MWD Operations Department The Water Operations Dept. developed a hydro/surge tank inspection procedure and checklist.
Helix WD Confined Space Rescue Team A volunteer team completed a project where they crawled over 5 miles of 36" water pipe over a period of several weeks.
Cucamonga Valley WD Mario Rodriguez Mario found industrial lifting magnets and attached them to the arm of a vehicle mounted crane. This allows one worker to safely remove the old hatch and replace it with a lighter weight torsion assist lid.
San Luis & Delta-Mendota WA Tim Armond Tim developed a "grabber" for helping to install fence posts.
Humboldt Bay MWD The Maintenance Department The Maintenance Dept. fabricated a trailer to hold all trenching and sloping equipment so it is ready in case of emergency.
Vista ID Steve Tester Steve worked with a District welder to create a grate to be installed in the tank of the water truck. The grate prevents anyone from climbing into the tank.
Moulton Niguel WD Marco Lazaro Marco designed a truck mounted hitch to hold a jack hammer, pneumatic digging clay spade, and a rammer tool to reduce back injuries.
El Dorado ID Jayzack Leonard Jayzack designed a vault hatch that allows access to the discharge valves from outside the vault. This eliminates the need for frequent confined space entries.

Winning Ideas - Fall 2016:

Mission Springs WD Rick Lyneis & Ben Lopez Shade umbrella attached to equipment on truck for shade in the field.
Rio Alto WD Michael Brown Michael engineered a double screen filter in the effluent pond for debris removal before effluent reaches the pumps. This eliminates the need to climb into the pond.
El Toro WD Romas Kociban Roman fabricated a water diffuser mounted on a removable hitch.
El Toro WD Vinnie Coppola Vinnie fabricated a valve stack pipe holder for backfilling holes.
El Toro WD Jake Knoke Jake fabricated a truck bed entry ladder.
El Toro WD Marc Avila Marc fabricated an angle meter tool.
El Toro WD Matt Wagner Matt fabricated a wrench to eliminate pinch points and hand injuries.
Carmichael WD Lynette Moreno Lynette implemented a safety awareness program of paycheck safety tips.
Tahoe City PUD

Ralph Turner

Ralph developed a reflective sticker for backpack sprayers to increase the visibility of the person spraying.
Madera ID

Rosendo Baldovinos

Rosendo fabricated a stand for a well sounder to eliminate bending and kneeling.
Kings River CD Admin Staff and Manager The Admin Staff suggested a new front office cubicle arrangement with barrier for front office safety.
Westborough WD Carlos Arias Carlos recommended purchasing segways for meter reading, & made a meter gun holder from PVC.
El Toro WD Garth Botha & Steve Hancock Garth & Steve reduced pinch point exposure by using a new motor mounted motor lift bar.
Vista ID Oscar Chavez Oscar created a shoring repair/test bench.
Sweetwater Authority Mike Wallace Mike suggested purchasing self-rescue harnesses.
Vista ID Chris Craghead Chris created a valve lockout device for enhanced employee safety.

Winning Ideas - Spring 2016:

Moulton Niguel WD Kevin Crawford, Senior Water System Operator Kevin suggested a pre-cast vault cover with lighweight hatches to prevent back injuries.
El Dorado ID Mike Hodges, Senior Plant Mechanic; Dustin Stoneback, Plant MechanicII Mike & Dustin created a cover for inside the wastewater digester to reduce fall hazards.
Yorba Linda WD Mike Kiddie, Senior Fleet Mechanic; Ron Talbert, Mechanic III Mike & Ron suggested purchasing a "Jumping Jack Rack" for crew truck to limit back injuries.
Yorba Linda WD Jeremy Smith, Safety & Training Technician Jeremy mitigated an electrical hazard by relocating bubblers to a location ouside of 480V wiring.
Reclamation District No. 108 Alan Murray, Maintenance Alan purchased a dolly & attached a portable sump pump to it. The dolly can be wheeled out when needed.
Western MWD Jason Helvie, Operations Technician II Jason invented & designed a homemade portable air conditioner for the District's Jeeps.
Citrus Heights WD James Ferro, Maintenance Construction Worker 2 James installed a ladder to enter/exit the dump truck bed.
Tehachapi-Cummings CWD Pump Plant Dept. Staff The Pump Plant Staff designed new filter boxes for the heat exchanger inlet screen.

Winning Ideas - Fall 2015:

Carmichael WD George Richmond, Treatment Plant Operator 4 George conducted an emergency spill response drill.
Carmichael WD Lori Kalisiak,Human Resources Coordinator Lori implemented a Building Access Security Improvement Plan for office security.
Helix WD Byron Richardson, Maintenance Ranger Byron built a safer snake box to capture snakes.
Madera ID Alva "Smokey" Carter, Engineering Tech. 1/Meter Tech. Cut foot holds in bumper for ease of climbing, added a grab bar, and rod to hold safety cones.
Palmdale WD Scott Mahoney, Operations Tech. II Fabricated a hopper & funnel device to disperse copper sulfate in water.
San Luis & Delta Mendota Mark Garcia, Equipment Operator Modification to equipment trailer latch that enhances the safe operation of the trailer.
Calaveras CWD Phil McCartney, Mechanic Phil designed a hoist to pull aerators from ponds.
Yorba Linda WD Mike Kiddie, Sr. Fleet Mechanic To prevent falls, water jet nozzles & folding ladder were installed on the hydro excavator truck.
Yorba Linda WD

Mike Kiddie, Sr. Fleet Mechanic

Mike designed a probe holder and attached it to an extension pole.
Sweetwater Authority

Spencer Atkins, Utility Worker 1

Spencer suggested purchasing a "Gator Grip" gate valve key to tighten rounded operating nuts.
Sweetwater Authority Irvin Ortiz, Equipment Mechanic Irwin suggested installing easy access air tank drain valves on VacTruck.
El Dorado ID Mike Dixon, Electrical & Instrumentation Tech. and Mitch Wydeveld, Electrical & Instrumentation Tech. Mike & Mitch fabricated & installed cable spools to facilitate retrieving pump cables with winch.
Vista ID Valve Maintenance Crew Designed a key to lift slotted valve lids.
Carmichael WD Lynette Moreno, Assistant General Manager Laminated safety cards that hang on the equipment to remind the operator of what to do in an emergency.
El Toro WD Donny Lloyd, Plant Operator Grade III and Jay Curry, Plant Operator Grade III Donny & Jay researched & selected a new fall protection system and set up training with the mfr.
Georgetown Divide PUD Nathan Tilman, Canal Operator and Jacob Walsh, Maintenance Worker II Nathan & Jacob built a platform over a ditch wastegate making it safer to inspect.

Winning Ideas - Spring 2015:

Citrus Heights WD James Ferro, Water Distribution Operator Designed light stands for trucks and vacuum excavators.
Elsinore Valley MWD Barbara Mason, Management Analyst Barbara developed an insurance matrix to apply risk transfer guidelines for insurance requirements.
Helix WD Kolton Gustafson, System Operator III Kolton cut two access ports into a vault lid and made a gate valve key to open from above.
Hi-Desert WD Marty Stockstell, Jr., Water Distribution Operator III Marty fabricated well shaft covers for the verticial turbine. It shields body parts from the spinning shaft.
Moulton Niguel WD Marco Lazaro, Support Services Supervisor Marco fabricated an LED spotlight that mounts directly into a 2" hitch receiver on pickup.
Moulton Niguel WD Mark Herron, Collections System Supervisor Mark designed a safety cover to fit over manholes. Cover has 4" cutouts for various size hoses.
Placer CWA Confined Space Rescue Team Seven employees were trained to become the confined space rescue team for the Agency.
Sacramento Suburban WD Mike Jenner, Distribution Operator II Mike designed a lifting apparatus to lift meter lids.
San Juan WD Randy Potter, Pump Station Technician Randy retrofitted motor control center panels to eliminate arc flash hazard.
Wheeler Ridge-Maricopa WSD Stephen Chase, Warehouseman Stephen developed the idea of using LED rope lighting and magnetic hooks down a manifold.
Wheeler Ridge-Maricopa WSD Mike Pilatti,
Pump/Electrical Tech.
Mike made a rack to hold his laptop. It hangs on the steering wheel in the truck.

Winning Ideas - Fall 2014:

American River FCD

Sean O'Conor, Field Supervisor

Created a trimming platform for pickup to allow greater vertical reach when trimming.
Helix WD Gary Martinez, Plant Operator II Created a sample port attached to the delivery truck for gathering alum samples.
Helix WD Larry Moon, Equipment Repair Tech. Design & fabrication of dolly & elecrical lift for gas powered soil compactor.
Helix WD

Mike Maynard, System Operator II

Built a portable guardrail/platform with casters.
Rincon del Diablo MWD Rich Lora, Water Services Technician II Designed a curb stop modified repair clamp.
San Juan WD Eric Cosens, Maintenance Chief; and Mark Benson, Instrument Technician Installed valve remotes & LED meter readouts to eliminate CS entries.
Santa Fe ID Craig Smith, Utility Worker II Craig suggested adding retractable stairs to the passenger side of pickup.
Santa Fe ID Damian Garcia, Facility Locator & Inspector Damian developed a template "High Priority Line Stand-By Required" for transmission mains.
Santa Fe ID Danny Burns, Sr. Mechanic; and Brandon Fox, Mechanic The mechanics designed a manual actuator that could be oper. from above ground.
Santa Fe ID Jim Gingrich, Electrical & Instrumentation Tech. Designed and installed new fluent value control panels (6). Alerts system operators in the event of failure.
Sweetwater Authority

Pete Baranov, Water Treament Superintendent; and Steve Lynes, Principal Engineering Tech.

Helped to install new trunnions & brackets to remove the hazard in transporting cylinders.
Sweetwater Authority Howard Rasmussen, Plant Maint. Tech. Leadworker Howard fabricated a lightweight aluminum extension handle and attached to valve.
Vallecitos WD Anthony Fonseca, System Collection Worker II; and Craig Durban, System Collection Worker II Anthony & Craig constructed a manhole grate from leftover materials.
Wheeler Ridge-Maricopa Burton Rockwell, Pump/Electrical Foreman Mounted timers and shock relays in the doors of the control panels for electrical safety.
Wheeler Ridge-Maricopa Jon Kelley, Maintenance Foreman Jon made sign boards to point where employees are working in remote locations.
Wheeler Ridge-Maricopa Russ Whitbey, Water Tender Russ created a tarp cover with grommets to enclose the turnout and bleeder valves.
Yorba Linda WD Michael Kiddie, Sr. Fleet Mechanic Many safety features & equip. were added to the design of the "leak repair" utility truck.

Winning Ideas - Spring 2014:

Bella Vista WD Mark Maty, Water Treatmnet Operator-T3 Designed and built a ladder with platform.
Big Bear MWD John Tuttle, Facility Technician John created an adjustable bracing device that locks to the crane.
El Dorado ID Jayzack Leonard, Senior Construction Maintenance Worker Jayzack recommended installing a fixed vacuum tube to bottom of deep wells to reduce back injury.
Laguna Beach CWD Martin Aragon, Maintenance Worker I Martin built an attachment for the top of traffic cones. These act as a barricade at the work site.
Moulton Niguel WD Facilities Maintenance Dept. Correcting unsafe conditions that impact District personnel.
Moulton Niguel WD Marco Lazaro, Support Services Supervisor Recommended and designed enhancement to equipment.
Tahoe City PUD Jeff McCollum, Lead Underwriter; Pat Potter, Operations 1; and Joe Mason, Operations Tech Mechanic Upgraded platforms at Water's Edge & Park Terrace Sewer Stations to be in compliance with Cal/OSHA standards.
Western MWD Tom Getman, Operations Tech. II; and David Aranda, Sr. Operations Tech. Posted a sign to warn district employees to look for pedestrians before backing.
Wheeler Ridge-Maricopa WSD Stephen Chase, Warehouseman Stephen mounted a bucket of liquid soap on the wall to prevent slips and comply with the Global Harmonized System.

Winning Ideas - Fall 2013:

El Toro WD Magill, Chris - Truck Driver and Sepulveda, Alex - Tanker Trailer Created an Emergency SOP Notebook.
El Toro WD Magill, Chris - Truck Driver and Sepulveda, Alex - Tanker Trailer Created a safety cone holder for tanker trailer.
El Toro WD Curry, Jay - Plant Operator Grade III and Lloyd, Donny - Plant Operator Grade III Created a catwalk with fiberglass non-skid grating.
El Toro WD Curry, Jay - Plant Operator Grade III and Lloyd, Donny - Plant Operator Grade III Developed and designed a catwalk with handrail between two uneven surfaces.
El Toro WD Sanchez, Steve - Plant Operator Grade II and Lingenfelter, Phillip - Plant Operator Grade II Installed a funnel on plant sample line to safely add liquid bleach.
Carmichael WD Bair, Scott - Field Supt. and Nelson, Chris - Public Information Officer Created a portable night time emergency kit.
South Coast WD Castor, Brendon - Water Operations Created a tool for removing valve covers.
Helix WD Baker, Dan - Valve Maint. Tech. III Designed a pole with magnet to guide steel traffic plates.
Lakeside WD Mcfadden, Robert - System Operator I Robert designed a fall protection system with a built in retrieval winch.
Pebble Beach CSD Safety Committee - John Rethke, Marianna Pimentel, David Drewien Added weekly stretch and balance exercises to district's wellness program.
Castaic Lake WA Graziano, Chris - Building & Grounds Technician Researched a new lift for removing hot water pump & motor for HVAC system.
Sweetwater Authority Watershed Caretaker Group - Ernestina Diaz, Victor Gaus, Adam Dingley Installed solar lights to stepped path.
San Luis & Delta Mendota Garcia, Mark - Equipment Operator Designed an access ladder with grip rungs & handrails from materials on-site.
El Dorado ID Steel, Casey - Layout & Fabrication Welder Modified a const. truck bed including a platform on rear bumper.
Wheeler Ridge Maricopa WSD Fernandez, John - Pumpman Suggested that District re-plumb 21 hydro tanks near ground level.
Vista ID Sliffe, Kris - Meter Maintenance Technician Designed a curbstop key to shut off valves in tight spaces.
Vista ID Safe-T Group - Gary Arrasmith, Glenn Miller, Angela Morrow, Jim Allen, Oscar Chavez, Martin Villalobos, Michelle Bernal, Abraham Gomez, Chris Weatherwax Constructed a guardrail system in the carpenter shop. Project was completed in-house.

Winning Ideas - Spring 2013:

Calaveras PUD Todd Fischer, Supervisor Todd designed an air/vacuum release valve wrench.
Carmichael WD Darren Van Dusen, Conservation Specialist 2 Created a website, flyers, newsletter, and inserts for customer service on planting.
Chino Basin WCD Chino Basin WCD Staff (12 employees) Staff created a "hybrid" forklift designed to fit on a tractor's hydraulic system.
Humboldt CSD Will Paddock, Temporary Laborer Will built a tool holder to lift the vibra plate wacker onto a pickup.
Western Canal WD Chris Harrill, Ditchtender/Maintenance Fabricated a meter repair rack. The rack holds meters in place and rotates 360 degrees.
Western MWD Linda Garcia, Civil Engineer Linda created a safety video. Linda's video.
Wheeler Ridge-Maricopa Dick Hutchison, Water Distribution Foreman Dick asked welders to fabricate a valve checker device for valve keys.
Wheeler Ridge-Maricopa Mike Pilatti, Electrical/Pump Tech. & Pump Dept. Staff fabricated metal boxes to cover conduit fittings to prevent metal theft.

Winning Ideas - Fall 2012:

Carmicahel Water District David Flores, Meter Reader David created a meter equipment rack to hold equipment while not being used.
El Dorado Irrigation District James Sadler, Senior Plant Mechanic Jim researched, designed, and installed a fall protection system.
Laguna Beach County Water District Jeremy Harrowby, MW III; Boyd Schultz, MW II; and Chris Petersen, MW III

Developed an idea to create a tool to remove angle stop valves.

Moulton Niguel Water District Ronin Goodall, Water Distribution Supervisor Acquired a salt delivery system on onsite generation systems.
Moulton Niguel Water District Mike Marquis, Maintenance Worker II Mike found a brace to be used while working in manholes.
South Feather Water & Power Agency Denton Lewis, Utility Worker Researched and found a battery lifting device to prevent back injuries.
Sweetwater Authority James Davis, Utility Worker II and Lane Miller, Welder II/Utility Worker II James & Lane redesigned the "Y" wrench for better grip and safety.
Vista Irrigation District Jim Allen, Sr. System Controls Operator and Gary Arrasmith, Sr. Facilities Worker

Fabricated a hoist and bracket for lifting.

Wheeler Ridge-Maricopa Water Storage District Chris Gilkison, Maint. Welder Designed and fabricated four aluminum rakes to pull debris from water.
Wheeler Ridge-Maricopa Water Storage District Chris Gilkison, Maint. Welder Designed and fabricated a lifter for lifting meters.
Wheeler Ridge-Maricopa Water Storage District Chris Oxford, Maint. Man Chris recommended placing "walk around" stickers on equipment.
Wheeler Ridge-Maricopa Water Storage District Burton Rockwell, Pump/Electrical Foreman Mounted electrial components on the wall for teaching purposes.
Yolo County Flood Control & Water Conservation District Chris Fullerton, Ditchtender Chris fabricated & installed a non-slip metal step to PU bumper. Step can be removed.

Winning Ideas - Spring 2012:

Calleguas Municipal Water District Jeffrey Mocalis, Safety Officer Developed radio system for underground communication.
Crescenta Valley Water District Ricardo Sandoval, Utility Worker 2 Improved ventilation in welding shop.
Helix Water District Dan Baker, Valve Tech. III Fabricated adjustable T-handle key adjustable in 6" increments & multi-tool.
San Luis & Delta-Mendota Water Authority Ruben Hernandez, Heavy Equipment Operator Fabricated a catwalk to allow for safe removal of planks in settling basin.
Vista Irrigation District Michelle Bernal, HR & Safety Secretary Michelle designed a reference guide for customer comm. re. water damage to property.
Wheeler Ridge-Maricopa Water Storage District Andrew Quijada, Pump Man Andrew recommended the signal person wear bright orange gloves when signaling crane.
Yolo County Flood Control & Water Conservation District Kevin Bassham, Equipment Mechanic II Kevin purchased & installed Whip-check steel cables for air hoses.

Winning Ideas - Fall 2011:

Bella Vista Water District Mike Grandmain, Field Technician Created a lockout device using a chain, washer, and gang clamp, with lock and tag.
East Contra Costa Irrigation District Ricky Gonzales, Maintenance Worker and Butch Stevens, Welder

Designed a tool to easily open manhole covers.

Helix Water District Robert mineo, Valve Maintenance Tech. III and Travis Powell, Valve Maintenance Tech. I New fire hydrant and gate valve testing station.
Pebble Beach Community Services District Juan Moreno, Maintenance Technician II Created a "lid keeper" to hold access lids open.
Rancho California Water District Eng. Collections & Const. Insp. Developed a safe work platform at manhole location.
Rancho California Water District Engineering, Water Qual., Ops Developed a solution to eliminate salt bag handling by procuring a silo delivery system.
Sacramento Suburban Water District Dave Bruns, Elect. & Instrumentation Tech. and Hector Segoviano, Poreduction Foreman Moved gauges to outside of vault for easier reading eliminating confied space entry.
Vallecitos Water District David Joiner, Elect./Instrumentation Tech. Designed an adjustable mount for float switches.
Western Municipal Water District All Operations Technicians Design and installation of fire hydrant check valves.
Western Municipal Water District All Operations Technicians Investingated tools to replace using a chop saw. Found a hinge cutter that was safer.
Wheeler Ridge-Maricopa Water Storage District Greg Loveless, Asst. Operations Foreman Designed cement enclosure around water screen for safer cleaning.
Yolo County Flood Control & Water Conservation District Ops & maint. Staff Designed a brush rake that can be attached to various equipment for clearing ditchbank.

Winning Ideas - Spring 2011:

Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District Beth Greene, Safety Officer Suggested enclosing rotating bar on weir accuator. Inexpensive design idea.
Photo 1 - Photo 2 - Photo 3 - Photo 4 - Photo 5
Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District Jose Martinez, Welder/Fabricator Fabricated & installed safety mechanism on weir accuator. Easy removal for repairs.
Photo 1 - Photo 2 - Photo 3 - Photo 4 - Photo 5
Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District Gary Newmark, Staff Analyst Researched & purchased a scissor lift for easier transport of boxes.
Photo 1 - Photo 2 - Photo 3 - Photo 4 - Photo 5
Helix Water District Bobby Fortuno, Sr. Instrumentation/Elect. Tech Designed truck bed with Tonneau cover that hinges vertically & other modifications for storage.
Photo 1 - Photo 2 - Photo 3 - Photo 4 - Photo 5 - Photo 6
Helix Water District Matt Yantos, Ops & Maint. Tech. Installed headlights on forklift. Cost was only $115.
Humboldt Community Services District Mark Taylor, Utilityman 3 Created a bumper-mounted carrier for compactor.
Photo 1 - Photo 2 - Photo 3 - Photo 4 - Photo 5
Ramona Municipal Water District Kyle Syverson, Collections Worker II Suggested building guardrail around wet well, making cleaning task safer.
Photo 1 - Photo 2 - Photo 3
Rincon del Diablo Municipal Water District Refugio Zermeno, Water Service Tech I Developed a multifunctional mirror for valve exercising equipment. Hand-made, less than $20.
Photo 1 - Photo 2 - Photo 3
Valley of the Moon Water District Paul Gradolph, Ops. & Maintenance Supv. Found a backup light replacement bulb creating audible sound when vehicles are backing. $25 cost.
West Orange County Water Board Scott Reierson, Water System Technician Painted copper & brass pipe fittings to mitigate theft for their scrap value.
Photo 1 - Photo 2
Wheeler Ridge-Maricopa Water Storage District Michael Pilatti, Electrical/Pump Tech-Safety Rep. Designed & displayed heat stress posters, using district employees on posters.
Photo 1

Winning Ideas - Spring 2010:

Carmichael Water District David Frederick, Safety Committee Created a new step design and grab bars for district truck.
Photo 1 - Photo 2 - Photo 3
East Contra Costa Irrigation District Ron Allen, Maintenance Supervisor Fixed angel iron to top of building to prevent ladder from sliding sideways.
Photo 1 - Photo 2
East Contra Costa Irrigation District Ron Allen, Maintenance Supervisor Suggested the design of portable steps to easily climb in/out of canals.
Photo 1 - Photo 2
East Contra Costa Irrigation District Butch Stevens, Welder Resolved an unsafe lifting practice by designing a clamp for nitrogen bottles.
Elsinore Valley Municipal Water District Jose Martinez, Welder/Fabricator

Suggested building a lifting device to make repairs less expensive, easier, & safer.
Photo 1 - Photo 2 - Photo 3 - Photo 4

Fallbrook Public Utility District Joshua Couveau, Utility Worker Designed a step & handrail for dump truck for safer access in & out of dump truck.

Photo 1 - Photo 2 - Photo 3

Georgetown Divide Public Utility District Kyle Madison, Distribution Operator; and Jason Smith, Distribution Operator Soda ash tank modification at Auburn Lake Trails WTF
Photo 1 - Photo 2
Helix Water District Ken Nakamura, Welder Designed a hinged, rolling, vault lid with viewing hatches for easy meter reading.
Helix Water District Albert Sebastian, Plant Operator 2 Designed removable guards for exposed portion of pump shafts.
Photo 1 - Photo 2 - Photo 3 - Photo 4
Humboldt Community Services District Darren Toland, Maintenance Utility 3 Designed a hose reel for the sewer bypass pump for quicker response to blocked mains.
Photo 1 - Photo 2 - Photo 3
Orange County Water District Tyson Neely, Chief Plant Operator Painted silo tops with grip/grit paint & non-slip foot traffic sheets.
Santa Fe Irrigation District Danny Burns, Sr. Maintenance Mechanic Design & installation of a rollerized one ton chlorine cylinder storage rack system.
Photo 1
Santa Fe Irrigation District Brandon Fox, Mechanic Systems Tech. II Design & installation of a rollerized one ton chlorine cylinder storage rack system.
Photo 1

Winning Ideas - Fall 2009:

Fallbrook PUD Robert Munger, Welding Technician Improved "T" handle and meter box hook for opening meter boxes, reducing push/pull factors.
Photo 1 - Photo 2 - Photo 3
Mesa Consolidated WD Wellness Committee The Wellness Committee developed a Wellness Program for all employees.
Orange CWD Barrier Operation Group, Barrier Operations Group Placed non-skid tape on ladder rungs leading to a confined space area.
Photo 1
Orange CWD Jimmy Pennella, Maintenance Technician Revised the safety inspection sheet for commercial drivers, tailored to each driver and user friendly.
Rancho California WD Nathan Vance, Corrosion Control Reduced the need for corrosion control technicians to climb to the top of reservoirs.
San Dieguito WD Mark Piskor, Utility & Maintenance Technician III Constructed a truck mounted carrier for construction signs.
Photo 1 - Photo 2
San Luis & Delta Mendota Jess Duran, Weed Control Specialist Designed steps and handholds on spray tank, reducing the need to carry step ladder.
San Luis & Delta Mendota Mark Garcia, Equipment Operator Fabricated the installation of steps and handholds for safe access to the spray tank.
South Feather W&PA Charlie McCauley, Maintenance Technician Designed a truck mounted, gas powered, rammer storage and lifting device.
Photo 1
Sweetwater Authority Peter Arrant, Welder/Utility Worker I Designed a new lock for long-reach valve operators. Easier to use, easy to tell if tool is locked.
Photo 1 - Photo 2 - Photo 3 - Photo 4
Yuima MWD Matt Munaco, Maintenance Technician Designed aboveground gate vale locking device for LOTO project sequence shut down.
Photo 1 - Photo 2

Winning Ideas - Spring 2009:

American River FCD Eric Maculak, Sr. Flood Maintenance Workers Installed emergency shutdown switches for grout trailer.
East Contra Costa ID Gary Smith, Operator Designed a safety support device used during removal of lateral gates.
Helix WD Jason Moore, Mechanical System Technician II Constructed device that will safely take samples from bulk chemical delivery tankers.
Helix WD Terry Hartnett, Valve Maintenance Technician II Modified pick axes to include magnet at end of ax.
Helix WD Ken Nakamura, Welder Designed a stair system over pipes.
Mesa Consolidated WD Frank Scheafer, Water Maintenance Crewleader Created a method of marking recessed valves by color-coding.
Palo Verde ID Richard Mackey, Auto Control Technician Idea for safely loading and unloading oxygen and acetyline bottles from trucks.
Rancho California WD Chris Lopes, Wastewater Operator Collections Developed a Boggie board as a camera inspection float.
Rancho California WD David Lolguin, Wasterwater Operator Collections Developed a Boogie board as a camera inspection float.
Western MWD James Boucher, Sr. Operations Technician I Created a tool to minimize response time to stop a leak should an air/vac be sheared off.
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