A Successful 2022 Financial Audit

The JPIA Finance Department submitted 100% of required materials & schedules to Glibert CPAs.

The ACWA JPIA Finance Department successfully completed its seventh audit with Gilbert CPAs, this time switching partners from Kevin Wong to Peggy Vande Vooren.  It’s a common best practice to swap partners (or even auditing firms) every 3-5 years.

Gilbert CPAs once again reported that the JPIA Finance Department submitted 100% of the required materials and schedules to the Suralink online system- something not all clients can say they do.  This is a true testament to the hard work and attention to detail of the department that JPIA prides itself on every year!

Now that the ACWA JPIA Captive has been operational with multiple policy years covered between the liability and workers’ compensation programs, the audit takes on a more complex nature. This requires great organizational abilities, including handling multiple trial balances and supporting documentation to back up those numbers.

Congratulations to the ACWA JPIA Finance Department on another successful year-end process!

Written by: Dan Steele, Finance Manager

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