Future Talent Pipeline: How to Develop and Maintain your Agency’s Succession Plan
The current work climate calls for a substantial revamp of succession planning, which includes
adapting to the shortage in ready talent, a greater focus on agility, and the ability to lead a
hybrid workforce. While a handful of agencies are proactively refreshing their succession plans,
let’s be real; many don’t have one to begin with.

In this interactive and hands-on workshop, we will explore the business case for having a well-
developed succession plan and the profound impact it can have on organizational culture. As
trusted advisors who serve the public sector, we have seen what works, what doesn’t, and what
trends you need to take into account if you want to move your organization from talking about
succession planning to actually developing your organization. During our session, we will build a
succession planning model based on our playbook that you can apply to your own organization
to hit the ground running. We also have some enticing giveaways for a few lucky participants
who need a little extra help developing their plan.

Jeffrey T. Hoye, M.B.A.

Mr. Hoye has been a member of the senior leadership team at CPS HR Consulting for eleven years and is the leader of the organizational strategy practice.  Prior to joining CPS HR, he was founder and managing partner for a national consulting firm for 22 years.  Mr. Hoye has a deep knowledge from experience gained in the areas of system-wide change devoted entirely to major improvements in productivity, team-based HR process delivery processes, and other people-based, technologically-oriented projects both in the profit and non-profit arenas.

Mr. Hoye is a certified Change Management Professional (CMP) through the Association for Change Management Professionals, and holds a Lean Master Certification.  He possesses more than 24 years of experience directing and delivering professional consulting services in human resource systems change, change management, business process design and reengineering, organizational behavior, customer-oriented strategy deployment, process modeling, lean process methodologies, and a balanced scorecard approach to monitor ongoing performance.

Greg Hammond, Ph.D.

Dr. Hammond is a Senior HR Consultant with CPS HR. He has six years of consulting and project management experience in multiple aspects of human resources functions, including: workload analysis, succession planning, fee studies, test development and administration, assessment and selection, employee engagement, data analysis, and classification and compensation.

Dr. Hammond has a Ph.D. in Industrial & Organizational Psychology with a background in employee selection, performance, statistics, and job attitudes. Dr. Hammond provides a unique combination of broad technical expertise, strategic and analytical thinking, and an adaptable project orientation.

Kelly Gonzales, MA, IPMA-SCP

Ms. Gonzales is a trusted partner and advisor to Southern California public sector agencies, skilled in establishing sound client relationships, identifying organizational needs, proposing innovative solutions, and ensuring project success. As a previous Human Resources Manager for a full-service public agency, she understands the unique challenges and opportunities of the public sector.  She currently acts as a Client Liaison and Principal Consultant on a wide range of professional Human Resources projects and has a proven track record in developing Human Resources business initiatives, implementing successful processes, and delivering creative solutions.