Weathering the Storm: Property Program Schedules

The hard property insurance market is continuing. In a hard market, carriers tighten underwriting appetite and capacity while increasing premiums. Due to increased catastrophic losses, and claims costs, the JPIA has faced tough underwriting requirements and coverage restrictions. However, the JPIA is working diligently to weather the storm of the hard market and is requesting help from its members to review the property schedules. Reviewing the schedules is one recourse to respond to the hard insurance market.

It is imperative that JPIA members report new property accurately and review existing property schedules. Most importantly, members are encouraged to verify that all property at the scheduled sites is reflected in the description and that replacement cost values are accurate. The scheduled values have been trended up by factors recommended by the excess carriers.

In early 2023, members will be notified via email to go to their JPIA Member Portal to review their current property schedules. The updated schedules and review instructions are located under the Documents Tab in the Property Schedule folder. Members are requested to verify values on the schedule, delete any assets no longer owned, and submit any new assets acquired. Any changes to existing scheduled assets will be effective July 1, 2023. Any new acquisitions will be effective on the date submitted, and if the value is over $1,000,000 the addition will generate an additional premium charge for the current 2022-23 Program Year. All property must be scheduled if coverage is desired. The deadline to review the schedules and submit changes was April 1, 2023.

The JPIA is grateful for members’ assistance in the Property Program Schedule Review. Please contact the Member Services Department with any questions via email at

Written by: Adrienne Beatty, Assistant Executive Officer