2022-2023 Risk Control Grant Program Recipients

ACWA JPIA’s Risk Control Grant Program is a “Best Practices” driven program designed to prevent or reduce member losses for the pooled program(s) a member participates in. The Grant Program offers up to $10,000 for specific one-time, non-routine risk management and safety program improvements that support the best practices outlined in the JPIA’s Commitment to Excellence (C2E) Program. This year, the JPIA was thrilled to award over $60,000 to seven different members for their improved program efforts.

Winners of the 2022-2023 Risk Control Grant Program are:

Small District Category

Medium District Category

Large District Category

Congratulations to all the winners! The JPIA would like to spotlight two members for their exceptional applications and improved processes:

Water Trailer

At Montague Water Conservation District (MWCD), burning vegetation along canals and other District property is needed to allow water to flow more freely and to reduce rodent habitats. MWCD currently uses an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) equipped with a small water tank in conjunction with backpack water sprayers for fire suppression. County-approved burning is the District’s preferred method as it is more cost-effective than using hazardous chemicals. Prescribed burning also eliminates unnecessary staff exposure to such chemicals. To increase prevention methods against wildfire, which is a JPIA “Commitment to Excellence” loss reduction focus area, MWCD plans to purchase a 525-gallon tow behind water trailer and update its smoke management plan. This improved “Engineering Control” will allow MWCD to better control vegetation when burning by allowing them to move along canals faster, mitigate hot spots with better control, and reduce concerns from the public.

Davit Arm

Fresno Metropolitan Flood Control District (FMFCD) has identified potential fall and confined space rescue challenges at both of their reservoir control towers. The District plans to install a Davit Fall Protection system at both locations to prevent fall injuries and improve rescue operations associated with their confined spaces. This new mechanical system which is a combination of an improved “Administrative Control” and “Engineering Control” for improving processes and equipment focuses on the Ergonomics and Falls loss reduction section of the JPIA’s “Commitment to Excellence” Program.

Congratulations again to all this year’s winners and thank you to all the members who submitted applications for consideration.

Members who have signed a “Commitment to Excellence” agreement and participate in a minimum of two JPIA Programs (Liability, Property, or Workers’ Compensation) are encouraged to apply during the Risk Control Grant application period this fall. Members are encouraged to reach out to their Risk Control Advisor for more information, or for assistance in reviewing their applications before submittal. More information, FAQs, and past winning submissions can be found on JPIA’s Risk Control website.

Written by: Paul Myers, Risk Control Advisor II