Boosting Cybersecurity Protection: Additions to the 2023-2024 Cyber Liability Program 

In today’s digital age, safeguarding your organization against cyber threats is crucial. Cyberattacks are ever evolving and pose a constant risk. To address this, the JPIA is offering additional resources and services to Member water agencies to manage cyber risks effectively. 

We’re excited to introduce two vital cyber risk management services, KYND and KnowBe4, as part of the 2023-2024 Cyber Liability Program. These services provide essential tools and knowledge to strengthen JPIA Members’ digital defenses. 

KYND: Your Digital Guardian 

KYND conducts regular scans using your domain to assess cyber risk factors. It finds exposed services and vulnerabilities, crucial for protecting against cyber threats. 

KnowBe4: Empowering Against Phishing Attacks 

KnowBe4 combines security training with simulated phishing attacks. It equips your team to recognize and counter phishing, a common and dangerous threat. 

Next Steps: Implementation 

Member agencies will be contacted by KYND and KnowBe4 cyber representatives to start implementing these services. Using them will boost Member security and enhance JPIA’s overall coverage. 


Please refer to the Cyber Liability FAQ for additional information. For other inquiries about the 2023-2024 Cyber Liability Program, KYND, or KnowBe4, contact Member Services at (916) 786-5742 or  

Your cybersecurity investment ensures your Agency’s safety and continuity. The JPIA thanks its Members for acting now to ensure a secure digital future!