Peter Kuchinksky II

Patricia Slaven

ACWA JPIA Celebrates Two Retirements of Valued Staff

Director of HR & Administration, Patricia Slaven, and Lead Risk Advisor, Peter Kuchinsky II, say farewell to the JPIA.

Patricia Slaven, ACWA JPIA’s Director of Human Resources and Administration, made her mark on this organization almost 15 years ago when she joined the JPIA training team. Patricia’s passion and enthusiasm for training and leadership development transformed the way JPIA supports its members. Patricia modernized the JPIA Professional Development Program, introducing the learning management system and live training webinars to provide easier access for members around the state to complete the program. Over 100 members each month participate. Additionally, Patricia founded the ACWA JPIA Leadership Essentials for the Water Industry Program, providing a vital piece of training that was missing from the water industry. Over the past 8 years, nearly 200 leaders from across 81 districts have furthered their leadership knowledge and skills by completing this program.

Patricia also made a significant impact on the human resource community in the water industry. By creating JPIA’s popular monthly Hot Java & Hot HR Topics webinar series, and organizing numerous Human Resources Group Meetings around the state annually, Patricia had an impressive ability to bring the HR community together to network with one another. Her passion for sharing ideas, learning new HR knowledge, and skills were exceptional.

Patricia’s presence will not only be missed by the members but also by JPIA staff. The staff thanks Patricia for her guidance and support and her active involvement in creating a culture of inspiration, recognition, and service to others. Patricia looks forward to a new chapter filled with learning to fly fish, taking long hikes, getting in her kayak more often, and enjoying time to volunteer at a local non-profit. Patricia recently shared her favorite quote from Clint Eastwood: “What you put into life, is what you get out of it.” There is no doubt Patricia will get much out of her post-career endeavors. ACWA JPIA wishes her a very healthy and happy retirement.

Peter Kuchinsky II, Lead Risk Control Advisor, retires from ACWA JPIA after 18 years of extraordinary service to the members of the JPIA. Peter lives in southern California and served 32 districts in the region. Peter assisted his districts with conducting on-site and virtual risk assessments, advising members on potential loss exposures, and conducting training. Peter was instrumental in updating the Risk Control Manual and contributing to the success of the ACWA JPIA Commitment to Excellence program. Both of these tremendous endeavors have had a significant impact on ACWA JPIA members by providing resources to create successful safety programs.

Peter’s excitement for his role, coworkers, and ACWA JPIA members was evident in the close relationships he forged over the years. Staff knew they could rely on Peter to mentor, coach, and help lead them. Members knew they had a trusted partner they could rely on. This was evident when Peter was elected to the Board of Directors for the Vista Irrigation District. ACWA JPIA is excited to know that although he will be leaving as a staff member, his direct influence in the water industry will continue in the future.

Peter shared some departing words with staff, “Remember we can’t change the past but can influence the future […] People are more important than events and things.” The JPIA will miss Peter and his commitment to the members he helped throughout the years. ACWA JPIA also wishes Peter a healthy and happy retirement.

Written by: Cassie Crittenden, Human Resources Specialist

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